• The birth of Studio4
    The birth of Studio4

    A group of young and passionate film professionals came together to make Studio4 a reality amidst the booming film-video industry in Cambodia. Despite its recent birth, the strength of Studio4 lies in its core members. The team is made up of professionals with both academic and practical experiences encompassing skills such as film and documentary productions, TV series, commercial spots, online contents and production management.

  • Coming together
    Coming together

    The group is growing bigger and bigger!


Right now, Studio4 is growing exponentially, coming from 5 staff members to more than 20. We are regularly producing TVC, TV dramas and documentary. And we look toward the future with utmost optimism and inspiration.  Studio4 aims to use its diversified skill sets and open-minded culture to promote quality media production and services in Cambodia.

Contact Us:

Phone: +85523 632 3363

Email: [email protected]


#30, st. 261, Beoung Salang, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia